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"Jane" entertaining the
wounded soldiers--the fact that she was "wounded" herself gave her songs more meaning.
"It's A Good Day"
Entertaining the wounded
soldiers again--being supported by crutches herself.
"They're Either Too Young Or Too Old"
This is the highly emotional scene where "Jane" meets up again with the soldier (Robert Wagner). He has been shell-shocked, and her singing brings him out of his wounded mental condition.
"I'll Walk Alone"
Great interaction here between "Jane" and the soldiers. A rip-roaring,
energetic, patriotic
medely. Who can forget one soldier continuously yelling "How About Texas????"
"Jane" rids her self of her crutches in this scene.
"American Medely"
"The annual ball of the newspaper men of New York is always a colorful and glamourous event. Tonight is no exception to that rule"
(Narration by Rory Calhoun)
"American Medely"
Announcer: "And now ladies and gentlemen, the highlight of the evening--
for those of us in show business or newspapers or  who are just plain ordinary music listeners, this is an occasion of special significance and pride,
for among those who are being honored here tonight is a very wonderful singer and a very great lady who has been named "The Most Courageous Entertainer of the Year" -ladies and gentlemen, "MISS JANE FROMAN
"With A Song In My Heart" finale
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