With A  Song In My Heart
Opening narration by
Rory Calhoun--
"Jane Froman"---radio,
musical comedy,  the movies,
--a lot of the stuff of which dreams are made  -but why "The Most Courageous Entertainer of the Year"? ..  well..Let's see-
suppose we start here--
at a radio station in Cincinnati-on a bright summer's morning a few years back,when suddenly their exploded from a taxi cab the figure of a  young lady...then,  as always,
in a terrible hurry."
"That Old Feeling"


"With A Song In My Heart" is just about one of my all
time favorites films. It is a story about Jane Froman,
a singer, who had great success in radio, recordings,
stage, and film during the 1930's-1940's. The film
chronicles the early days of her career, her tragic
plane crash and aftermath of endless surgeries upon her leg, and her courage in coming back to her career.
Along the way the film is packed full of marvelous
songs in Jane's own voice and mimed by Susan in such
a meticulous and authentic way, that she is totally believeable in the presentation of the songs.
Susan is never better - conveying love, courage,
and depth of character as only Susan can. When she sings
"Embraceable You" to  a very young Robert Wagner, you can't help but be touched by the sincerety
of her performance. Susan received an Oscar nomination for this one, and she deserved to win for it!
....................... by
Ginger Haydon
"Jim's Toasted Peanuts"
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