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Audrey Totter speaking about "The Saxon Charm"---"Yes, Metro lent me to Universal for that picture, and Bob (Montgomery) played a ruthless film producer, and it was partly based on Jed Harris, who was so insulting to everyone...Harris was well known for his lousy character. I was cast as a singer in Saxon Charm, and I cannot sing. Usually, they would lip synch if you weren't a singer, but they had me moving all
about the room dancing at the same time. So, I had to sing, and then the singer had to sing over me. I remember Bob Montgomery saying to everyone,'You are all the best actors and actresses imaginable, because none of you laughed!' It's true, because I don't know how they kept a straight face."
Susan Hayward
"The Saxon Charm"
Notes: Although she had a lot of footage,
Hayward's role wa not as important as Robert
Montgomery's or even John Payne's parts.
This was her least exciting and popular movie for Universal, and the last film she made for that studio during this period.--There were not fires in the movie--not even her own fire to light up the role of Janet. But the role of an ordinary housewife did not fit Hayward's termperament....Robert Montgomery's performance was recognized as the best in the movie, and Audrey Totter's was next.
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John Payne and Susan Hayward
"The Saxon Charm"