Susan and her twins
"She was petite..
She was fiery..
She was absolutely gorgeous..
And I absolutely
adored her".........
Timothy Barker,
One of Susan's twin sons.....
as spoken on the Arts and
Entertainment Network's
Biography of Susan Hayward
...originally aired December,'98
Note from Ginger....
This has to be one of the most beautiful photos ever taken
of Susan and her twin sons,
Gregory and Timothy.
It was taken by Jean Howard,
a well known photographer
who captured many of the great
and beautiful moments
of Hollywood celebrities during
the 1930's, 40's, 50's, and into the 60's....Jean Howard
died this past March 23rd.
She was 89 years old.....
The photo and the below text are from Jean Howard's
book, "Jean Howard's Hollywood, A Photo Memoir."
Publisher..Harry N. Abrams,
New York, New York.
From left to right:
Timothy, Susan, Gregory
Late singer Jane Froman speaking of her
experience with Susan during the making of
"With a Song in My Heart"........"Night after
night, Susan would leave the set, go home and to bed. Her twin boys,Timothy and Gregory---came on the set once or twice (it was probably Susan's only chance of seeing them) and they're the three cutest people together! Susan's attitude toward her little sons is so adult. She treats them like little men, with courtesy,with charm, with humor. Susan was doing the scene in which she appears to sing the picture's theme ,"With a Song in My Heart" while my recording of it is played on the sound track.It goes, you know:"With a song in my heart, heaven opens its portals to me.." The next day she told me ,amused, that the boys were going around the house screaming,"With a song in my heart, heaven opens its portholes to me!"
Text by Jean Howard...Susan Hayward was the wife of actor Jess Barker, and her six-year-old twins, Timothy and Gregory, were full of the dickens like their mom. Susan was soon to be Hollywood's highest-paid star. The last time I saw her was on the 1974 Oscar telecast. She had cancer of the brain but made a gallant appearance on the arm of Charlton Heston, who whispered, "Easy, girl...."
Frank Westmore did her makeup, and she had to wear the "Hayward" wig, but her entrance was electrifying. Susan died a torturous, untimely death in 1975. She was fifty-seven.
With an Eye for Glamour, Jean Howard Photographed Hollywood's Stars. by Jeremy Geltzer.
Known for her extraordinary beauty, Jean Howard rose from the chorus as a Ziegfeld Girl to briefly become a Hollywood starlet, before comfortably settling in as a legendary hostess and photographer. Born Ernestine Hill in Longview Texas, Howard followed her dream to Los Angeles, where she checked into the all-girl Studio Club that had been founded by Mary Pickford to help young Hollywood hopefuls. After landing an MGM contract, Howard appeared in films such as "Broadway to Hollywood(1933), with Mickey Rooney, "The
Prizefighter and the Lady" (1933) with Myrna Loy and "Dancing Lady (1933)
with Joan Crawford and Clark Gable. For the remainder of the decade, Howard danced in Ziegfield's chorus on Broadway as well as in a few more films, but the aspiring actress seemed to enjoy the social scene even more than the studio life. She kept company with Vivien Leigh, Laurence Olivier, Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Gary Cooper, Marlene Dietrich, Judy Garland and Marilyn Monroe among many others, snapping photos at each gathering.......In 1989, she published her snapshots as "Jean Howard's Hollywood: A Photo Memoir."
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