My Foolish Mouth
Errol Jones
Another longtime fan actually got to go backstage at the Joey Bishop Show.
Errol Jones says he watched as Susan relaxed in her dressing room with her shoes off, chatted with a fan, and signed autographs.  But like me with my tape recorder, things did not go as planned. He finally worked up the courage to talk to her, only to realize that his "foolish mouth" got in the way.  As Susan signed an autograph with her back to him, Errol blurted out,"Susan, I'm really sorry about the bad reviews you got for 'Back Street' " Right away, he knew he had said the wrong thing, and Susan's terse "thank you," clinched it.

As he watched her walk down the hallway and get into her limousine, Errol bemoaned the fact that "she never knew how much she meant to me."  He even thought she gave him "a dirty look" while she was sitting in her car.  But I think Errol was too hard on himself.  We all know Susan was near-sighted so she couldn't possibly have seen anyone from that distance.  At least he got to see Susan in person, which is a lot more than the rest of us can say!
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