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Susan Hayward
My Foolish Heart
Academy Award Nomination No. 2
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Susan Hayward
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Susan Hayward
"The night is like a lovely tune,
Beware, my foolish heart.
How white the ever constant moon,
Take care, my foolish heart."
(lyrics..."My Foolish Heart" by Ned Washington
and Victor Young)
"My Foolish Heart" is still heard often today.
It is a beautiful standard that has stood the test of time. One of the most recent popular
singers who has recorded the song is Lorrie Morgan for her cd "Lorrie Morgan,Secret Love."
Julius J. and Philip G. Epstein's screenplay was adapted from J.D. Salinger's "New Yorker" story, "Uncle Wiggily in Connecticut ." Susan played unhappy, alcoholic, Eloise Winters, who had married a man out of necessicity. When she sees an old gown, it brings back memories of 1941, when she was a nice girl from Boise, Idaho. She had met (Dana Andrews)at a party and fell in love. She first resisited his sexual advances, but then gave  in to them. Just before he was to leave for the army, she finds out that she is pregnant, but doesn't want to tell him. She didn't want to trap him into a marriage.
Just before his plane crashes, he scribbles out a proposal of his own to her. Eloise becomes desperate and seduces her best friend's fiance into marriage. They are both miserable in the marriage. When the story returns to the present, Eloise decides to give up her child rather than to tell her husband the truth. Her husband, however (Kent Smith) realizes that the child's place is with her mother.
Robert Keith and
Susan Hayward
LOOK Magazine Review: "My Foolish Heart" tells of a simple wartime love story that ended in heartbreak. These are ingredients for a typical soap opera. But "My Foolish Heart"  rises above its material every step of the way...proves that freshness can be given a much-worn story if it is approached with a light touch, an adult point of view, and a warm understanding for the weaknesses of recognizable human beings. It merges a rich, delicious movie that every grown-up moviegoer should cherish...In her best screen job to date, Miss Hayward makes the tragedy of a girl in love in wartime very real indeed."
This time, Susan lost the Oscar to Olivia De Havilland who won for her role in "The Heiress."
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