I'll Cry Tomorrow
Academy Award Nomination No. 4

   "This story is
filmed on
inside a
"This raw and unflinching look at
Lillian Roth's tragic descent into hell
and back was right up Hayward's alley and everybody knew it.".....
Peter Graves,narrator, A&E's
Biography, December, 1998
A very young Lillian Roth
Lillian Roth in later years...
"At the beginning, when I first heard that they were going to film the book, I'd hoped that Susan Hayward would do my story."
""It's not often you see a movie about a
woman alcoholic and it's tough to take...somehow we accept it more in a
man than we do a woman..it seems to take away everything that we think is attractive
and what we expect in women...so it's
really a risky part to play and she really plays it full throttle."Molly Haskell,
Film Critic.
After Susan had read Lillian Roth's
autobiography, "I'll Cry Tomorrow",
she campaigned hard for the
role of Lillian.
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"Lillian Roth was a singer who started her career as a child star in Vaudeville and very soon became quite popular on Broadway and in the movies--but her film career eventually faded, and this film, "I'll Cry Tomorrow" tells the story of why she faded...what caused her to fall from the heights...and to this film's credit, it doesn't shy away from telling the truth about Lillian Roth and her life. Unlike most Hollywood biographies at the time, there was  no attempt whatsoever to sugar-coat     the dark moments...and that's even more amazing, I think, because Lillian Roth was very much a part of this movie...and she was on the set every day as  the technical advisor. Now, if ever a role was made for Susan Hayward, Lillian Roth's story was it..and Susan Hayward knew it too. When she first read the book that this film was based on, she immediately let MGM know that she wanted the role. She even went so far as to call Lillian Roth to get her blessing, and both Lillian and MGM were thrilled because
in 1955 when this film was made, there were few, if any, more popular stars in Hollywood than Susan Hayward...and her efforts paid off too because this movie
went on to earn Susan an Academy Award nomination."............Robert
Osborne....Turner Classic Movies
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