Susan made one of her rare television appearances on
"The Joey Bishop Show" in April, 1968. Below is a transcript of approximately the last five minutes  of the broadcast when
Susan answered questions from the studio audience.
Joey:  Miss Hayward very graciously consented to allowing herself to be asked questions of the audience. If there is anything you would like to know of Miss Hayward, just raise your hand. We would be only too happy to have her answer.

Susan:  And I have to answer truthfully?

Joey:  Well, you can either say, I'd rather not answer that, but I'm sure you will answer truthfully.

Joey:  Yes, this gentleman on the front row.

Gentleman:  During the warm-up, they said that you haven't done television for a long time, and what was the last show that you did, if any?

Susan:  I have never done a television show in my life  that
I can recall. I have been interviewed, like for a newsreel or if people come to Lauderdale on a premiere or something like that, but this is the first time I have ever been in front of--would you believe, an audience in my life. The last time was Girls Commercial High School ( laughter ) It's true! ( more laughter/applause from the audience )

Joey:  You sound like you're upset becaues she's here. ( laughter ) Are you?
( more laughter )

Audience Member:  I'd like to know who Miss Hayward's favorite leading man was.

Susan:  Well, I can say absolutely and completely, my all-time favorite leading man is John Wayne. ( applause ) I have a second favorite male star these days,
and, a...

Joey:  Can't think of my name, right? ( audience laughter )

Susan:  Besides Joey. It's a...the man who plays the African Series, the baseball player. What's his name?

Joey:  Chuck Conners.

Susan: Chuck Conners! I think he's great!

Woman:  What was the favorite movie you ever made?

Susan:  I think a motion picture called "I'll Cry Tomorrow," the Lillian Roth

Joey:  Did you know that I had the good fortune of working with Lillian Roth just after she had finished publishing the book?

Susan:  Really?

Joey:  Her first nightclub engagement. We worked together...La Vie en Rose...
Monte Proser.

Joey:  She was a great woman.

Susan:  A great woman, and a tremendous story.

Joey:  Oh, yes.

Susan:  Tremendous story
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