Deadline At Dawn
Starring Susan Hayward and Bill Williams
-Cast: June Goffe: Susan Hayward; Gus, Paul Lukas; Alex, Bill Williams; Bartelli, Joseph Calleia; Helen Robinson, Osa Massen; Edna Bartellil, Lola Lane-
Credits: Directed by Harold Clurman. Produced by Adrian Scott. Screenplay by Clifford Odets. Based on a novel by William Irish. Photography by Nicholas Musuraca. Editor, Roland Gross. Music Director, C. Bakaleinikoff. Music, Hans Eisler.
Osa Massen
Susan had been off work for a year. Her twin boys had been born in February,1945.
In May of 1945, Susan returned to the screen with an RKO murder mystery entitled "Deadline At Dawn" . Susan was billed over Paul Lukas, who had won an Oscar for "Watch on the Rhine", made in 1943.  Susan played June Goffe, a  young and innocent-looking dance-hall girl. Susan wore one dress for almost the entire length of the film. She had one costume change. The story took place in the time frame of one evening. "Deadline" was scripted by Clifford Odets. The story had Hayward
helping a sailor (Bill Williams) who had six hours, admist the seedy background of
lower New York City, to prove that he did not murder a certain female (Lola
Lane). Lukas portrayed a grandfatherly cabbie.
Director Howard Clurman was impressed with Susan's professionalism.
New York Times Review: Bosley Crowther: "Plainly, the first essential of a first-class mystery film is that it catch and excite audience interest in the telling of its uncertain tale. And the longer it keeps the audience guessing the more intriguing it is likely to be. Those two desirable essentials are eminently satisfied by RKO's latest thriller Deadline At Dawn. And the performances are thoroughly engaging. Bill Williams is winning as the gob, Susan Hayward is spirited as a night-moth who assists him, and Paul Lukas plays a taxi driver well." 

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