Carrollton Memories
I would like to invite any of you who may have lived in Carrollton, Georgia  during those days when Susan Hayward resided there, to share your memories of her
with us.

Thank you!...........Ginger
Carol Faver 

My husband, Bob, had been a tremendous fan of Susan's for many years. He went to West Georgia College in Carrollton, and when I would, on occasion go with him, we would ride out to Susan and Eaton's home just to see how things were going with the farm.  It was a ritual with us.  After Eaton passed away, Susan spent much of her time in Florida. My aunt and uncle sold farm machinery and had delivered something to the farm, and they were invited into Susan's home for an informal tour. It was a lovely home, and Susan's closet in her bedroom was opened. My aunt remarked about how very tiny the rows of shoes were~so dainty, with those high spiked heels Susan was famous for, all in a line.

When the chapel was built right across the road from the home, it was a beautiful spot and easily visited. Eaton was buried to the left of the chapel door.  When Susan passed away, nothing would do; but  Bob had to go to her funeral, which was open to the public.  I sat in the car waiting for him to go to the service.  As everyone gathered inside the chapel, the hearse approached.  It was a dismal gray day, but when Susan's casket was brought out of the hearse, the sun pierced through the clouds and a ray of light hit the blanket which covered it.  Yellow roses, brilliant in the sunlight, seemed to shine alone in the darkness of the day, and I had to smile to myself.  How Susan would have loved the drama of that moment.  I still get shivers recalling that incident.  Bob somehow ended up sitting with Susan's sons during the service.  It was a very surreal thing to happen; but I promise you every word of this is truth. We still go back to visit, and her headstone does not say "Susan Hayward" but Mrs. Eaton Chalkley. Thank you for letting me share a few incidents from a fan's point of view.  She was a marvelous actress, a devoted mother and wife, and her fans are still thankful for the body of work she left behind. (by Carol Faver)
From: Denise Young Bell......."My mother's best friend is Peg Irwin, Eaton's sister. As a little girl growing up, I never knew Susan was anything more than a blue jean wearing, digging in the garden, gracious woman who had a player piano!! I remember one occasion when she came home from a trip and brought Tommy and Wayne, her nephews by Eaton, gifts. She had no idea I would be there and she apologized for not having something for me! The next week she brought a gift just for me. It was a pair of dolls from Aunt Fanny's Cabin in Atlanta. I have them still and I regret my mother didn't have her sign them."
From Susan Word Kypreos...."I grew up in Carrollton, Georgia and remember Susan Hayward well. She was very much a part of the community, and Tim was even a lifeguard at Sunset Hills Country Club in Carrollton. I was just a kid, but I'd see her often at the grocery store wearing a scarf, no make-up and sunglasses. She was a neat lady."
Many many thanks to Denise, Susan, Carol, and Farris for sharing their memories....hope to hear from more Carrollton folks soon! You may share your memories by
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