Beau Geste
Ray Milland and Susan Hayward
Robert Preston
Gary Cooper
Ray Milland
Preston, Cooper,
and Milland
When Susan made this film, she was still very new to Hollywood.
Her role was relatively small, but she carried it off well,
and you can tell by looking at it that the camera adored her.
Beau Geste is about three brothers who join the Foreign Legion.
The film itself is an action-packed thrilling movie. It is full of adventure and it is a story of brotherly love and devotion.  The brothers join the Legion, fleeing suspicion of being the cause of the disappearance of their family's Blue Water sapphire. Their flight brings them to the burning Sahara desert and a desert fortress commanded by the sadistic Sergeant Markov.  The beginning of the film is eerie--a silent,desert fort manned by dead men, propped up corpses,their rifles taking aim.--The film also stars Brian Donlevy, J. Carrol Naish, Donald O'Connor, and James Stephenson. Produced and Directed by William Wellman--Screenplay by Robert Carson--Based on the Novel by Percival Christopher Wren-A Parmount Picture
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