Among The Living
Susan Hayward, Kit Guard,
Albert Dekker, and Maude
Eburne (foreground)
Albert Dekker and
Susan Hayward
Paramount's "Among The Living" was a high point in the careers of both its principal players, now deceased, Albert Dekker and Susan Hayward. The beautiful Hayward had been cast in a couple of colorless ingenue roles during her two years at the studio, but it wasn't until this exceptional "B" that producers realized that the red-haired "Brooklyn Bombshell" was not to be denied bigger vehicles. Dekker had been relegated mostly to supporting roles since entering pictures a few years earlier; if "Among The Living" did not exactly change this caste, it did provide the burly actor with what was possibly his meatiest screen opportunity.--A low-budget bellwether in the forties trend of psychological thrillers, "Living" achieved a remarkably high standard of quality for any level of filmmaking. --Although Dekker had
the showier role(s), late-entering Hayward's eager, banister-hopping incandescence almost stole the picture. She was raw talent of stunning proportions, as four Academy Award nominations plus one win (for 1958's "I Want To Live") eventualy would attest.-----"Among The Living", released in 1941, was the last "B": picture the cocoon-bursting Susan Hayward would appear in, but it was superior to  several of the "A"'s she would get as a superstar.--Only in her
fifties, she died in 1975 after months of agonizing illness (brain cancer) and the light of the world grew dimmer forever. --excerpted from "The Golden Age
Of B Movies" by Doug McClelland,1978, Ottenheimer Publisher
Susan Hayward/Classic Film Star