I Thank A Fool

  "I Thank A Fool" starred Susan Hayward, Peter Finch, Diane Cilento, Cyril Cusak, and Kieron Moore.
The Story: Christine (Susan Hayward),
a Canadian doctor, follows her married lover to England. He is incurably ill and
requests that she give him an overdose of morphine to end his life. She complies, but is accused and arrested.....The prosecuting attorney, Stephen Dane (Peter Finch) shows no mercy: she's convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to two years in prison........When she completes her jail term, Christine finds herself penniless and jobless,and she is not allowed to continue practicing medicine. Things look desperate until she gets a mysterious offer. She is told to go to a house in the country where she finds out that her employer is none other than Stephen Dane, the attorney who had helped send her to jail....Dane's beautiful Irish wife, Liane (Diane Cilento), has been mentally ill since the death of her father in a car accident. Christine's job is to look after her...Susan senses that there is something strange about the situation.
When Liane's "dead" father, Captain Ferris (Cyril Cusak),suddenly reappears, she is sure that there is something wrong. Why has Dane hired her? ....Determined to help Liane, Christine takes her to her alleged lush country home in Ireland, only to find that it is really a broken-down hovel.
Liane is then forced to admit that her father is a drunken schemer who is behind all of this. But the shock of facing the truth proves too much for the poor girl and she has a breakdown. .....Christine , advised by a doctor, gives Liane a sedative. When later Liane is found dead, Christine suspects that Dane planned the whole thing to get rid of his wife and blame it on her....At the inquest Dane seems to be definding her, but she still has doubts. Not until he forces Captain Ferris to admit complicity in the death of his mentally defective daughter, does she realize that Dane really is defending her. It turns out that Liane had taken an overdose of pills herself, but that her father had hidden the empty bottle.....Ferris, after being forced to confess,makes a desperate attempt to escape and falls to his death....Christine is exonerated and Dane is no longer tied down to a sick wife. Both are free to start their lives anew. Together? .........copied--"The Films of Susan Hayward"  by Eduardo Moreno
Susan Hayward/Classic Film Star