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Lillian Roth later said: "I was very shocked when I was told that I wasn't going to do my own singing, but she had made her mind up that SHE was going to sing. And that's one thing you find out about Susie-that when she makes her mind up to do something, that's it. I thought she did a good job, but I was so disappointed...I was heartbroken they didn't use my VOICE. Eventually there were two record albums on the film. I did one for Coral, and then there was the sound-track recording which got all the publicity."
Initially, Susan was not supposed to have used her own singing voice in "I'll Cry Tomorrow." MGM Musical Supervisor, Johnny Green, suggested that her voice might be good enough to sing the songs herself. It took a lot of persuasion by Johnny Green and Charles Henderson, the movie's musical arranger and conductor, but Susan became convinced that she could do it. She had a deep, resonant, contralto voice, and she handled the vocals nicely.
Regarding her newly found voice Susan said:
"It was a big surprise gift, a new career to be explored."
Offers began pouring in for Susan to appear at
nightclubs, cabarets, and Las Vegas hotels. She even received an offer from Cuba's internationally
famous Montmartre. Susan refused, saying:
"I'm not ready to face a live audience."
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