I'll Cry Tomorrow/Page 2
Susan received her fourth
Oscar nomination for her
portrayal of Lillian Roth.
Carole Anne Campbell as the young Lillian Roth and Jo Van Fleet, as her
"stage" mother.
Susan always and forever credited Director Daniel Mann for her own magnificent performance in "I'll Cry Tomorrow." 
Susan said: "Danny checked every detail. He wouldn't let me cheat with lipstick or even a curl. If he thought my hair wasn't mussed up enough, he put water on his hands and mashed it down. Danny and I went to A.A. meetings, hospitals and even jails because I had to know that woman's life and what it had become."
Jo Van Fleet as
Susan's mother
Ray Danton and Susan
Director Daniel Mann said: "Susan's ability
was matched only by her courage. She reached for the ultimate, and had an enormous capacity for digging into herself emotionally while playing a role. Her ability to concentrate in areas where it is required was remarkable. When an actress goes through the emotional wringer as Susan did in "I'll Cry Tomorrow," it can't help but be a great strain. The director must be indulgent. But Susan neither required nor wanted indulgence while making the picture. She gave her utmost to the scenes, but when they were over, she stepped out with no bleeding."
Don Taylor and Susa
Susan and Eddie Albert
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