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Back Street

Notes: The movie, although Hayward's most popular film of the early sixties, and a top grosser for the year 1961, was considered the worst version of Fannie
Hurst's novel, updated to World War II for the lovers' first meeting, and to current times for the rest of the story...John Gavin, fresh from the popular remake of "Imitation of Life" with Lana Turner, went forward another step.
....Hayward's wardrobe was a fashion show in itself....
Produced by Ross Hunter, it was filmed in its entirety at Universal Studios,
including the "visits" to Rome and Paris.
Director David Miller, a believer in theatre techniques, put his cast through two weeks
of rehearsals so they could understand the screenplay as a unit and grasp their relationship with the other players. Thus he maintained continuity of mood, sticking to the story line instead of putting the story together like segments of a jigsaw puzzle. (excerpted from "The Films of Susan Hayward" by
Eduardo Moreno)
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