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Ginger's Susan Hayward Scrapbook/Section 1
Ginger's Susan Hayward Scrapbook/Section 2
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Tim Barker, Susan Hayward and Jess Barker's son, has a terrific blog where you can read some about his family and his love of fly fishing--great photos  also!
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Ginger's Susan Hayward Scrapbook/Section 3
Ginger's Susan Hayward Scrapbook/ Section 4
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Trish's Scrapbook/Introduction
Susan and her twins
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Susan Hayward/Classic Film Star

The Joey Bishop Show/Susan Hayward As Guest
Carrollton, Georgia  Memories
A Fan Remembers Susan
Celebrity Snapshots by Julie/Candids Of Susan
Celebrity Snapshots By Julie/Julie With Susan
MAME/Las Vegas
Beau Geste/1939
"She was petite. She was fiery.
She was absolutely
gorgeous...and I absolutely
adored her..."
Timothy Barker,
Susan's son..
as quoted on A&E's
Biography, December 2, 1998
Among The Living/1941
The Hairy Ape/1944
The Fighting Seabees/1944
Deadline At Dawn/1945
Smash-Up/The Story Of A  Woman/1947
The Saxon Charm/1947
My Foolish Heart/1950
David and Bathsheba/1951
With A Song In My Heart/1952
With A Song In My Heart/Look Magazine
The Snows Of Kilamanjaro/1952
Demetrius And The Gladiators/1954
I'll Cry Tomorrow/1955/Page 1
I'll Cry Tomorrow/1955/Page 2
I'll Cry Tomorrow/1955/Page 3
I'll Cry Tomorrow/Book Translations
I Want To Live!/1958/Page 1
I Want To Live!/1958/Page 2
Back Street/ 1961/Pages 1-8
I Thank A Fool/1962
The Honey Pot/1967
Valley Of The Dolls/1967